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Ui streaming gradient stream

Sky Blue (Crayola)
Medium Sky Blue
Café Noir
Dark Vanilla
The palette consists of Light colors. Accent colors Sky Blue (Crayola) and Medium Sky Blue. Palette has Cool, Warm, Neutral colors temperature.
Palette Ui streaming gradient stream has combination of 6 codes colors:
HEX: #6cccec, RGB: (108, 204, 236); HEX: #8cdcec, RGB: (140, 220, 236); HEX: #4c3420, RGB: (76, 52, 32)
HEX: #a18669, RGB: (161, 134, 105); HEX: #c6baa6, RGB: (198, 186, 166); HEX: #614d37, RGB: (97, 77, 55)
Simplified version of palette colors
Tint of skyblue, Shade of skyblue, Tint of saddlebrown, Tint of peru, Shade of tan, Tint of saddlebrown
Color scheme was created by colorswall

Colors codes in palette

Ui streaming gradient stream color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#6cccec RGB(108, 204, 236)Sky Blue (Crayola)
#8cdcec RGB(140, 220, 236)Medium Sky Blue
#4c3420 RGB(76, 52, 32)Café Noir
#a18669 RGB(161, 134, 105)Beaver
#c6baa6 RGB(198, 186, 166)Dark Vanilla
#614d37 RGB(97, 77, 55)Coffee

Image palette Ui streaming gradient stream png