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Logo mojo branding type colours

Middle Blue
Police Blue
Crystal Blue
Police Blue
The palette consists of Light, Semi dark colors. Accent colors Iceberg and Middle Blue. Palette has Cool colors temperature.
Palette Logo mojo branding type colours has combination of 6 codes colors:
HEX: #6cb4cc, RGB: (108, 180, 204); HEX: #7bc9dd, RGB: (123, 201, 221); HEX: #225262, RGB: (34, 82, 98)
HEX: #6494ac, RGB: (100, 148, 172); HEX: #6ca9b7, RGB: (108, 169, 183); HEX: #3c565d, RGB: (60, 86, 93)
Simplified version of palette colors
Tint of skyblue, Tint of skyblue, Shade of darkslategrey, Shade of lightslategrey, Shade of cadetblue, Shade of darkslategrey
Color scheme was created by raccoon

Colors codes in palette

Logo mojo branding type colours color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#6cb4cc RGB(108, 180, 204)Iceberg
#7bc9dd RGB(123, 201, 221)Middle Blue
#225262 RGB(34, 82, 98)Police Blue
#6494ac RGB(100, 148, 172)Rackley
#6ca9b7 RGB(108, 169, 183)Crystal Blue
#3c565d RGB(60, 86, 93)Police Blue

Image palette Logo mojo branding type colours png