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Photoshop illustrator design branding

Wild Strawberry
Rose Pink
Metallic Bronze
Light Taupe
Chinese Silver
Halayà Úbe
The palette consists of Light colors. Accent colors Wild Strawberry and Rose Pink. Palette has Warm, Neutral colors temperature.
Palette Photoshop illustrator design branding has combination of 6 codes colors:
HEX: #fa3eb4, RGB: (250, 62, 180); HEX: #fc74cc, RGB: (252, 116, 204); HEX: #9a6e42, RGB: (154, 110, 66)
HEX: #a98c68, RGB: (169, 140, 104); HEX: #d1c0cb, RGB: (209, 192, 203); HEX: #6d3e59, RGB: (109, 62, 89)
Simplified version of palette colors
Shade of deeppink, Shade of hotpink, Shade of sienna, Tint of peru, Tint of thistle, Shade of Purple
Color scheme was created by colorhunt

Colors codes in palette

Photoshop illustrator design branding color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#fa3eb4 RGB(250, 62, 180)Wild Strawberry
#fc74cc RGB(252, 116, 204)Rose Pink
#9a6e42 RGB(154, 110, 66)Metallic Bronze
#a98c68 RGB(169, 140, 104)Light Taupe
#d1c0cb RGB(209, 192, 203)Chinese Silver
#6d3e59 RGB(109, 62, 89)Halayà Úbe

Image palette Photoshop illustrator design branding png