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Go(!)Animate Logo (2010-2018)

Vivid Tangelo
Gray (HTML/CSS Gray)
The palette consists of Light colors. Accent colors Vivid Tangelo and Gray (HTML/CSS Gray). Palette has Warm, Neutral colors temperature.
Palette Go(!)Animate Logo (2010-2018) has combination of 2 codes colors:
HEX: #f47821, RGB: (244, 120, 33); HEX: #7f7f7f, RGB: (127, 127, 127)
Simplified version of palette colors
Shade of chocolate, Tint of Grey
Color scheme was created by DylanMurray

Colors codes in palette

Go(!)Animate Logo (2010-2018) color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#f47821 RGB(244, 120, 33)Vivid Tangelo
#7f7f7f RGB(127, 127, 127)Gray (HTML/CSS Gray)Gray50

Image palette Go(!)Animate Logo (2010-2018) png