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Ux nft game p2e slots palette

Vivid Mulberry
Vivid Tangelo
Metallic Violet
Rosy Brown
Languid Lavender
The palette consists of Light, Dark, Semi dark colors. Accent colors Vivid Mulberry and Vivid Tangelo. Palette has Cool, Warm, Neutral colors temperature.
Palette Ux nft game p2e slots palette has combination of 6 codes colors:
HEX: #b40fe2, RGB: (180, 15, 226); HEX: #ee7632, RGB: (238, 118, 50); HEX: #530c94, RGB: (83, 12, 148)
HEX: #ba978c, RGB: (186, 151, 140); HEX: #d0c9d7, RGB: (208, 201, 215); HEX: #615736, RGB: (97, 87, 54)
Simplified version of palette colors
Tint of darkorchid, Tint of coral, Shade of indigo, Shade of rosybrown, Tint of lavender, Tint of darkolivegreen
Color scheme was created by colorswall

Colors codes in palette

Ux nft game p2e slots palette color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#b40fe2 RGB(180, 15, 226)Vivid Mulberry
#ee7632 RGB(238, 118, 50)Vivid Tangelo
#530c94 RGB(83, 12, 148)Metallic Violet
#ba978c RGB(186, 151, 140)Rosy Brown
#d0c9d7 RGB(208, 201, 215)Languid Lavender
#615736 RGB(97, 87, 54)Coffee

Image palette Ux nft game p2e slots palette png