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Box beer packaging hex colors

Maximum Blue
Pale Cerulean
Japanese Indigo
Gray (X11)
Liver Chestnut (Horses)
The palette consists of Light colors. Accent colors Maximum Blue and Pale Cerulean. Palette has Cool, Warm colors temperature.
Palette Box beer packaging hex colors has combination of 6 codes colors:
HEX: #4fadc4, RGB: (79, 173, 196); HEX: #9bd0dd, RGB: (155, 208, 221); HEX: #243953, RGB: (36, 57, 83)
HEX: #a38464, RGB: (163, 132, 100); HEX: #b4bcc5, RGB: (180, 188, 197); HEX: #584434, RGB: (88, 68, 52)
Simplified version of palette colors
Shade of cadetblue, Tint of lightblue, Tint of darkslateblue, Tint of peru, Tint of Silver, Tint of saddlebrown
Color scheme was created by colorswall

Colors codes in palette

Box beer packaging hex colors color codes HEX, RGB information in table

Color HEX RGB Name Alternative name
#4fadc4 RGB(79, 173, 196)Maximum Blue
#9bd0dd RGB(155, 208, 221)Pale Cerulean
#243953 RGB(36, 57, 83)Japanese Indigo
#a38464 RGB(163, 132, 100)Beaver
#b4bcc5 RGB(180, 188, 197)Gray (X11)
#584434 RGB(88, 68, 52)Liver Chestnut (Horses)

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